No. The taxpayer cannot revise GSTR-3B. However, taxpayer can reset GSTR-3B. To file GSTR-3B, there are following stages – Prepare, Save, Submit, Payment of Tax and File.

If taxpayer has filed return, he cannot revise it. However, if taxpayer has submitted return but not filed, he can reset it only once.

  1. Login to GST Portal

  2. Go to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard

  3. Select Financial Year and Period of filing

  4. Click on 'Prepare Online' under GSTR-3B

  5. If the status is ‘Submitted’, the option to Reset GSTR3B is activated

  6. Click on Reset GSTR3B. The status of return changes to ‘Yet to be filed’

  7. Make changes to the return and submit again

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