It is mandatory for every registered taxpayer to file GST Return. Taxpayers with no business transactions should file Nil Return within the due date.

If GST Return is not filed in time, here are consequences:

  1. Late Fee of Rs.50 per day (Rs.20 per day for Nil Return) is charged from due date of filing to actual date of filing return subject to maximum late fee of Rs.5,000 per return

  2. If taxpayer does not file GST Return for specific period, he cannot file GST Returns for subsequent periods too. Thus, late fee would keep accumulating

  3. Interest at 18% would be charged on outstanding tax. There would be no interest liability in case of nil return since there would not be any tax liability

  4. Taxpayer may receive a notice from GST Department for non-filing of returns to which an appropriate response needs to be submitted

  5. Taxpayer cannot apply for cancellation of registration if he does not file all returns

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