It is the responsibility of the payer/ deductor to deposit the tax deducted money using Challan No. 281. There are two ways to deposit TDS:

  1. Online through TIN NSDL

  2. Offline through Bank Branch. 

Following are the information required for deposit of TDS: 

  1. TAN of Payer/ Deductor,

  2. Type of Payment,

  3. Nature of Payment,

  4. Assessment Year,

  5. Address of Payer/ Deductor,

  6. Details of Payment i.e, TDS, Surcharge, Cess amount, etc. 

Deductors at government offices must transfer the tax deducted through book-entry into government account on the same day.

The due date to deposit TDS is the 7th of the following month. However, the due date for the deposit of TDS for the month of March is 30th April of the next financial year.