Team Capricorn would send the following whatsapp message to the DSC Applicant:

We are contacting you from Capricorn CA (licensed Certifying Authority under Government of India)

We have received your *Capricorn DSC application* form for processing, the details are below:

DSC Type: Class - 2

Please record your video for your DSC and eKYC account, using the following link (ignore if already done)

We Thank you for Patronizing Capricorn CA. Please visit or write to us at ( or call us at +91 11 614 00 000.

Best Regards,
Support @ Capricorn CA.

Follow these steps to complete Video Verification

  • Open the link by double-clicking on it.

  • When the page is open you will find instructions followed by a prompt message on the top of a small blank window where your video will appear.

  • A Record Video Button is at the bottom of the video window. Click it to start recording.

  • A pop-up window will appear on the screen, click “allow” to grant necessary permission to Capricorn CA for using recording devices.

  • At the countdown read the prompt message clearly in the microphone.

  • Video recording will stop after 20-25 seconds and the video will be uploaded.