TDS Rates are prescribed by the Income Tax Department every year. Every payer/ deductor needs to know the applicable rate before deducting TDS. In case of any mistake, the payer ends up with additional liability of short deduction. TDS Rates are as per the Nature of Payment. Following are the TDS Rates for FY 2020-21: 

Nature of
Threshold (Rs.)
TDS Rates  
Individual &

Other than
Invalid/ No PAN
192Salary Payments2,50,000Slab RateNA30%
192APremature Withdrawal from EPF A/c (i.e. before 5 Years).50,00010%NA30%
193Payment of Interest
on Securities by company
194Payment of Dividend on
Equity Shares of
Domestic Company
194APayment of Interest by bank40,000
(Senior Citizen)


194APayment of Interest by others5,00010%10%20%
194BPayment of prize from Winning from Lotteries by any person10,00030%30%30%
194BBPayment of prize from Winning from Horse Race by any person10,00030%30%30%
194CPayment to Contractors / Sub-Contractors by any person30,000 (Single Bill) or 1,00,000 (Aggregate Bills in the year)1%2%20%
194CPayment to Transporter Covered u/s. 44E and submit declaration in prescribed format---20%
194CPayment to Transporter not covered u/s. 44E30,000 (Single Bill) or 1,00,000 (Aggregate Bills in the year)1%2%20%
194DPayment of Insurance Commission to agents by Insurance Company15,0005%10%20%
194DAPayment in respect of maturity of Life Insurance Policy by Life Insurance Company1,00,0005%5%20%
194EPayment to NRI sportsman or association by any person or organization-20%20%20%
194EEPayment out of deposit under National Saving Scheme (NSS)2,50010%10%20%
194FPayment with respect to re-purchase of units by Mutual Fund Companies-20%20%20%
194GPayment of Lottery Commission15,0005%5%20%
194HPayment of commission or Brokerage15,0005%5%20%
194IPayment of rent on land, building, furniture and fittings2,40,00010%10% 20%
 194IPayment of rent on plant, machinery or equipments2,40,0002%2%20%
194IAPayment made on account of transfer of immovable property other than agriculture land50,00,0001%1%20%
194IBRent payable by individual not covered u/s. 194I for land, building, furniture and fittings50,000 per month5%5%20%
194ICPayment of monetary consideration under Joint Development Agreements-10%10%20%
194JPayment of Professional Fees other than call centers and Technical Fees30,00010%10%20%
194JPayment of Technical Fees30,0002%2%20%
194JPayment of Professional Fees to call centers30,0002%2%20%
194KPayment of Income from Units of a Mutual Fund5,00010%10%20%
194LACompensation on transfer of certain immovable property than Agriculture Land2,50,00010%10%20%
194MPayment to Resident
contractors &
professionals by an Individual or a HUF who are not liable to deduct TDS u/s 194C, 194H, or 194J.
194NCash withdrawal in excess of Rs. 1 crore during the previous year from one or
more account
maintained by a
person with a
banking company, co-operative society engaged in business of banking or a post office
194OE-Commerce operator for sale of goods or provision of service facilitated by it through its digital or electronic facility or platform5,00,0001%1%20%
 Any Other Income-10%10%20%