On the income situation page in the Tax Planner, you will see your capital gains and business income imported from your broker on your P&L. You need to navigate to the New vs Old regime page and enter your capital gains and business income in income situation with reference to your P&L. These profits/gains arrive post deduction of trading expenses like brokerage, STT, stamp duty, exchange fees etc. 

However, if you have expenses like professional fees, consultancy expenses, accounting/audit fees, utility expenses (light/internet expenses for trading), salary expenses, and rent expenses that you want to claim, you may aggregate these expenses and deduct them from business income profits.  

Example: Profits from F&O are 90,000, professional fees is 15,000, utility expenses are 25,000 and accounting fees is 10,000- you can directly add 40,000 (90,000-15,000-25,000-10,000) in the profits from non speculative tab. 

Refer to this article covering the expenses a trader can claim.