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  1. PAN Verification- We verify your PAN as per Income tax database to avoid any mismatch while filing ITR.

  2. Aadhar Verification- We verify your aadhar and ensure it is linked to your PAN. 

  3. Refund Account-Our Expert ensures the details provided by you are correct and valid bank details are entered. 

  4. Maximise Deductions- Our Expert helps you claim all the eligible deductions. 

  5. Instant E-file- Our portal allows you to e-file your returns once all the required information is updated and documents are uploaded.

  6. Tax credits- We verify your tax credits against form 26AS and allow you to download and store the same.

  7. Expert Review- Our Experts will review your source of income, deductions, tax credits, computation of income and suggest technical amendments wherever applicable. If any significant changes are to be made, you may have to purchase a new plan accordingly.The expert is not liable for any losses due to withholding, alteration and fabrication of information in the ITR filed by you. The expert strictly acts as an advisor/reviewer and not as an assistant/preparer. For CA/Expert Assistance, you may choose our plans under services.

  8. E-Verification- Our expert will guide you with the e-verification process for your ITR.

  9. E-compliance response- Our expert will help you understand e-compliance queries arising due to defective reporting in ITR and guide you with the online response. For responding to e-compliance queries on your behalf, you may opt for Quicko’s e-compliance response plan.If any physical visits are required, you should contact a local chartered accountancy firm/Chartered accountant. 

  10. Computation of Tax- Expert prepares tax computation in PDF formats for your records which allows you to download and store the same. 



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