Tax Planner provides opportunities for tax savings. It shows your current amount of deductions as well as the potential amount to invest and save taxes for Zerodha traders.

Steps to login via Zerodha

  • Navigate to Tax P&L

  • Login to continue with Zerodha > Add Kite Credentials

  • See your Tax P&L and trades imported from Zerodha

  • Navigate to the Old vs New Regime tab > Enter income situation. deductions and tax credits

  • Go to the Tax Savings Tab

If you click on the tax savings tab, you will see your current deductions you have under Section 80C, the further scope of maximising your deduction (amount available to invest), and your projected tax savings.

This page explores opportunities for which ELSS tax savers are good opportunities to invest in as per high CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rates). It also lets you invest in these tax savers, based on your brokerage platform, by adding amounts, durations, and showing value post the completed duration. 

Example- An individual has an investment of 40,000 u/s 80C in PPF. The available opportunity to invest more u/s 80C is amounting to 1,10,000 to maximise a deduction of 1,50,000. mceclip0.png

A list of ELSS tax saver funds is presented on the dashboard. Based on factors like CAGR, market risk, returns, duration, intervals of investments, a fund can be chosen. mceclip1.png

Steps for investing in ELSS to save taxes

  • Click on Invest on the mutual fund graph

  • Add funds and click on Buy to place ordertempsnip3.png

Note: Mutual fund order will reflect on Coin platform in T+1 days (You can cancel the order on the Coin dashboard)