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Modified on: Fri, 28 Apr, 2023 at 11:55 AM

There might arise a discrepancy when you compare the turnover on your Zerodha Console & Quicko's Business & Profession summary. 

It is because Quicko displays trade-wise turnover whereas, Zerodha Console displays scrip-wise turnover

To calculate the trade wise turnover on Console:

  • Navigate to Reports > Tax P/L 
  • Select the relevant Financial Year 
  • Click on the --->
  • Download the Tax P&L report
  • Open the Excel file and on Tradewise Exits tab scroll down to the F&O section
  • Calculate sum total of the Turnover of the F&O trades and this should match your Business & Profession summary on Quicko

Intraday trades are those trades whose holding period is 0 days.

Read more about Zerodha P&L.

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