A house property can be anything that is attached to the land; it could be a house, an office, a shop, or even a structure.

The ITD makes no distinction between a commercial establishment and a primary residence. Under this income head, all properties are taxed with a deduction allowed u/s 24 of the Income Tax Act.

Here's your document checklist!

To add House Property Income on Quicko:

  • In the Filing tab, navigate to INCOMES > HOUSE PROPERTY from the side nav
  • Choose Your House Property Type, applicable to you
  • Enter the required details
    • House Property Address
    • Annual rent received
    • Property tax paid
    • The interest amount paid on the loan, if any
    • Tenant details: Name & PAN
    • In case of any co-owners, add ownership details
  • You will land on the summary screen once the details have been entered 

Under the old tax regime, you can claim deduction for interest paid on home loan u/s 80C. 
However, if certain conditions are fulfilled, you can also claim deduction u/s 
    1. 80 EE (First time Home Buyer)
    2. 80 EEA (For Affordable Housing)

 Here's a complete guide on House Property & Taxes.