Any income which is not specifically taxed under any other head of income will be taxed under this head.

On Quicko, you can add income from other sources such as interest income, exempt income, dividend income, and any other income.

To add Income from Other Sources

  • Navigate to Filing > INCOMES > OTHER SOURCES from the side nav
  • Click on Interest to add
    • Interest from Savings Account
    • Interest from Fixed Deposit
    • Interest from IT Refund
    • Any other Interest
  • Click on SAVE
  • Click on Exempt Income to add the following Incomes
    • PPF Interest Income
    • Any other Exempt Income
    • Gift Income
  • Click on SAVE
  • Click on Income earned from Dividend to add a quarterly breakdown of dividend income received from domestic companies
  • Click on SAVE
  • Click on Any Other to add the following Incomes
    • Family Pension Income
    • Dividend from Foreign Companies
    • Income from Any Other Sources 
  • Click on SAVE

After adding all the income details, you will see Gross Income and Taxable Income on the Summary Screen. You can add or edit the details you want on this screen.