Salary is the remuneration paid by the employer to the employee for the services rendered.

Salary includes: Basic Salary, Perquisites & Bonus, Gratuity & Allowances (such as HRA, LTA, etc.)

Salary income can be added on Quicko in 3 ways:

Prefill (Recommended)

Quicko is an authorized ERI. With your permission, our product fetches details like taxpayer information, income details, tax credits & bank accounts from your ITD account.

  • Navigate to Filing > INCOMES > SALARY from the side nav
  • Click on Authorize
  • Select a method to connect your ITD account 
    • OTP on Aadhar Registered Mobile Number > Enter the OTP & click on Verify
    • ITD Portal CredentialsEnter the credentials & click on Authorize

Make sure you enable Aadhaar OTP login.

Upload Form 16

  • Navigate to Filing > INCOMES> SALARY from the side nav
  • Click on Upload Form 16
  • Drop or Browse to upload your Form 16

On the next screen, you will see SALARY details

Note: Ensure that your Form 16 is:
    1. In a PDF Format, not exceeding 6 MB
    2. Both parts, A & B, should be generated from TRACES

Things to keep in mind while uploading Form 16.

Add Manually

  • Navigate to Filing > INCOMES > SALARY from the side nav
  • Click on Enter Salary ManuallySALARY
    • Enter the Employer Details 
      • Employer Name
      • PAN
      • Category (choose "Other" if an employer is a non-government entity) 
      • Address
      • TDS details
    • Enter Salary Breakdown
  • Click on Save

Choose the category of the employer as “Others” for a non-government entity.

1.The standard deduction is automatically added, once all the details have been entered. 
2. You can add multiple salary income by clicking on the ADD button.