Having numerous brokerage accounts can provide a number of benefits;

  • Helping diversify tax advantages or risk

  • Assisting in saving for multiple financial goals at the same time

  • providing with extra financial security, and more

Quicko is designed in such a way that it' shall categorize your trades as either Capital Gains or Business & Profession based on the trading activity and hence calculate the tax liability as per the Income Tax regulations.

To add trades from multiple brokers on Quicko:

  • In the Filing tab, navigate to INCOMES > CAPITAL GAINS from the sidenav

  • Click on IMPORT INVESTMENTS and import by

    • Broker Integration, or

    • Quicko Excel Template 

  • If you have traded in multiple brokerage account click on Import under "Do you Trade F&O/Intraday?" and import trades

  • You can also click on 'add another business' and add trades from the relevant business.