When the data entered is incorrect, then you might face an error while uploading trade data using Quicko Template. 

If this happens, you are required to correct the data entered and if the problem still persists, you may raise a ticket and include your file as an attachment.

Steps to take when this happens

  • Download Error Report
  • Refer to the last column which highlights
    • Status (whether the row is valid or invalid) 
    • Remarks (the reason for why the row is invalid and what needs to be corrected)
  • You can make the necessary corrections in the error report as per the provided remarks and save the changes
  • Click on Upload Again and upload the report. 

1. There are 3 sheets in the Quicko Template: Equity, MF & ETF and F&O 
2. Please take care of the mandatory fields
3. Refer to the Instructions sheet before adding the trades