JSON is a file format used for downloading or importing a pre-filled return data into the offline utility and for generating a prepared ITR in the offline utility.  

Validation Rules:

When you prepare your ITR on Quicko, JSON is generated and validation rules are run as per the ITD schemas. Here are the validation rules defined for the ITR forms. 

To fix validations and file ITR on Quicko

  • Once you have prepared your ITR, click on E-file. When you do so, your ITR is being run for validations defined by the ITD schemas.

  • When there are validation errors, you will see the following screen. The error is highlighted in the orange exclamation circle symbol


  • Click on the description box to see the error and fix the error. When you click to fix the error, you will be redirected to the screen where the issue lies (for example, in the mentioned case- add the bank account to clear validation error)


  • When a validation error is clear, you will see a green tick mark symbol next to the description (which means that the issue is fixed)

  • When you fix all your validation errors, you will be directed to the e-filing screen so you can file your ITR as your JSON has been validated. mceclip2.png

Note: List of common errors due to which e-filing may fail:
    1. Date of Birth does not match with PAN
    2. Aadhaar Number is invalid
    3. Only one original ITR can be filed