Challan no. ITNS 281 is used by deductors to deposit Tax Deducted at SourceTax Collected at Source and demand payment.

Following details are necessary to fill while looking to complete payment of Challan ITNS 281:

1. Tax Applicable: This column has 2 options

0020: This is applicable in case of income tax of companies if deductee is company
0021: This is applicable to income tax for other than companies if the deductee is not a company.

2. Assessment Year

3. TAN Number, Name and Address

4. Type of Payment:

200 – TDS/TCS payable by the taxpayer
400 –  TDS/TCS payable regular assessment

5. Nature of Payment: Deductor has to select Section code as per section under which TDS/TCS is deducted


Steps for Online TDS/TCS/Demand Payment using Challan ITNS 281:

1. Click on “e-payment Pay Taxes Online” at the home page of Services option

2. Select Challan ITNS 281 for demand payment, Challan ITNS 281 form will appear.

3. Select Major Head (0020/0021), enter valid 10 digit TAN, assessment year, address. Minor Head (200/400), Nature of Payment, Mode of Payment & Bank Name.

4. Click on Submit to bank option.

5. Deductor will be re-directed to the internet banking site of the bank.

6. Enter the user id and password.

7. Enter payment details and make TDS payment.