Here's how you can add Business and Profession Income:

  1. Navigate to Incomes Tab

  2. Go to Business & Profession

  3. Select Business Income for Any profits earned from the sale of product or service

      1. Business income u/s 44AD - if opting for presumptive business income OR

      2. Regular Business income

For adding a business income account (from F&O and intraday trading) from regular business income (not following 44AD) : 

  1. Navigate to the Business & Profession tab and add income on the Regular Business Income 
  2. Add your details, in Nature of Business select 09- Retail & Wholesale, and in Code select 09028- Retail Sale of other products n.e.c  
  3. Add your cumulative turnover as Gross Revenue under non-speculative/speculative business and cumulative profit/ loss as Gross Profit and click on save and continue
  4. Navigate to the Expenses tab from Income Details and add all your capital gain expenses in respective heads 

Example: You want to add your F&O and intraday income from ICICI Direct without using the excel template- mceclip1.png