What is ISIN code?

International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) is a unique code using which one can identify the security of any member/country. Security covers equities, bonds, and mutual funds/ETFs. In India, SEBI is authorized to issue the ISIN number to securities.

To find out the ISIN code on NSDL  

  • Enter the company name you have invested in


  • Select the appropriate ISIN code.

  •  Conversely, if you know the ISIN, you can find more details about the company.


How to find ISIN code on AMFI?

  1. Navigate to AMFI

  2. Click on the latest NAV's

  3. Select the appropriate mutual fund house, an open-ended scheme, or the close-ended scheme and click on Get NAV.  

      4. Select the appropriate NAV as per the mutual fund you have invested in


How to find out the ISIN code on NSE?

  1. Navigate to NSE

  2. Navigate to corporates> click on securities information

  3. Download the excel of type of security you have invested in and search for ISIN code as per the company name in the excel. 

How to find out the ISIN code on BSE?

  1. Navigate to BSE

  2. Navigate to corporates> list of securities

  3. Search by the security name to find the security and it's ISIN code.