When you click on E-file, your ITR is not immediately E-filed, your ITR goes in Queue. Following are the steps that take place during the process from your ITR to go from In Queue to E-file: 

  1. JSON is generated 
  2. Schemas are validated
  3. Rules are validated
  4. E-File: There might be heavy traffic on the ITD servers to generate your acknowledgment number once your ITR is filed successfully. You will be notified by Quicko and ITD once your return is E-filed. The next step is to E-verify your return. 

Note: There are chances that your ITR may fail due to one of the reasons mentioned above on one of the stages. Some examples of reasons being the date of birth mismatch or Aadhar mismatch. In that case, we mark your ITR as failed and notify you of the same. In that case, you can revise your return, the errors can be rectified and your return can be E-filed again for no extra charges. You have to be patient once your ITR is in Queue and you will be notified at all steps.