You can import data in excel format by using excel import utility.


You can choose from

  1. User Templates: are any templates that you have saved in past
  2. Standard Templates: are the bank, tax P&L, capital gains statements provided by popular banks, brokerages or investment platforms etc. We standardize templates when enough users start demanding it, you can request to standardize your template here
  3. Any Other Templates: are other custom templates that Quicko will need some assistance reading, so make sure to go through a mapping exercise
    • Step 1 - Upload Excel: Browse or Drop a valid Excel File (.xls or .xlsx format)upload_excel.png
    • Step 2 - Map Sheet: Select Sheet from Excel & Map it to the corresponding Quicko SheetSelect_Excel_Sheet.png
    • Advance Option: Customize the Start Row and End Row by referring to your Excel sheet to read data accurately. Preview for correctness.
    • Step 3 - Map Headers: map source & destination headers to import data accurately
    • Step 4 - Preview Data: preview success/error report before importing your data. Verify the number of rows as per excel sheet