ITR status shows the current status of a filed ITR. 

Once an ITR has been filed, it is possible to check whether it has been accepted and processed by the Income Tax Department. 

Different types of ITR statuses include:

  • Submitted & Pending for e-verification/ Verification
  • Successfully e-Verified / Verified
  • Processed
  • Defective
  • Case transferred to Assessing Officer

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To check the ITR Processing status

Please note the following:

ITR -V ReceivedNo further action required
No e-return has been filed for this PAN & Assessment year or E-filing Acknowledgment numberThe return has not been filed yet. Hence complete e-filing of the ITR.
ITR-V not receivedE-Filing is done but verification is still pending. Hence e-verify using EVC or physically send the ITR-V to CPC, Bangalore.