Based on your income situation and the details entered by you, Quicko will recommend the Tax Audit applicability.

Once you opt-in for Tax Audit on Quicko, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Appoint an Auditor- Appoint a practicing Chartered Accountant to carry out an audit for your books of accounts.

  2. Get Books of Accounts Audited- The CA will audit and report it to the Income-tax department in Form no. 3CB/3CD before filing the income tax return.

  3. Add Auditor Details - 

    • Audit firm Name

    • Auditor Name

    • Membership number of the auditor: Membership number with ICAI
    • Auditor Registration Number: Auditor’s firm or proprietary registration number with ICAI 
    • Audit firm PAN:  It is the PAN of an audit firm. (In case of Proprietary it will be the auditor's personal PAN) 
  4. Add Auditor Report Details

    • Date of report of the Audit: Date of auditor signing the audit report

    • Date of furnishing: Date of filing the audit report