The Planning section on Quicko provides opportunities for tax savings such as investment in ELSS (Only for Zerodha traders) and Life Insurance plans.

Investing in ELSS mutual funds has two advantages:

  1. Tax Reduction
  2. Long-term Wealth Creation

To Invest ELSS for Zerodha Traders

  • Navigate to Planning > Tax Saving
  • Under the Savings Summary, you can see the following
    • Current deductions you have under Section 80C
    • Available amount to invest, i.e, the further scope of maximizing your deduction
    • Projected tax savings 
  • Click on
  • Add funds and enter the amount to invest
  • Click on Buy to place an order

Mutual fund order will reflect on Zerodha > Coin in T+1 day. 
(Cancellation of the order can be done from the Coin dashboard itslef)