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Affiliates can generate offers by configuring coupons. There are 3 components when configuring an offer:

  1. Coupons
  2. Coupon Sets
  3. Coupon Codes

1. Coupons

Affiliates are required to set all the offer details under this section.

To set the coupons

  • Navigate to Offers from the side nav
  • Enter the coupon details
    • Name of the coupon
    • The percentage that the affiliate is willing to share with the users/followers
    • Redemption is the number of users who can redeem the coupon
    • Item Constraints are the item ids for Quicko’s offerings. They are different for each offer
    • Reusable- The number of times an affiliate's user/followers can redeem the coupon.
      1. True helps the user to use the coupon multiple times
      2. False allows the user to use the code once
    • Duration is the time for which the affiliate wants to extend the offer to their users/followers

1. Quicko does not limit the number of redemption.
2. Affilites may choose to configure the offer on either all or specified item ads.

2. Coupon Sets

A coupon set is where an affiliate defines the campaign theme and associates the offer details, i.e, coupon with the campaign.

Let's understand it with an example: 

An affiliate can run two campaigns named EARLY10 for the 1st phase of a campaign, a follow-up campaign towards the end of the filing season named FILING10, and so on.

3. Coupon Codes

Under this section, as the name suggests, the affiliate can name the shareable code and associate the relation with the coupon,i.e, offer and coupon set (campaign)

The affiliate also has an option to generate a random code using the 'Generate Random Code'

Name the affiliate's coupon and add the description of the offer