JSON is a file format. 

Starting AY 2021-22, taxpayers must furnish their ITR in JSON format & upload the same on Income Tax Portal. 

Quicko is a registered ERI with Income Tax Department & can help you E-File your ITR. This means you do not have to download ITR JSON & upload the same on the income Tax portal, Quicko does this automatically for you. 

In case you need a JSON file, you can download the JSON file from Quicko and move forward with your return.

Steps to e-file ITR using ITR JSON

1. Steps on Quicko 

2. Steps on the Income Tax Portal

  • Login to your ITD account using PAN & Password
  • Navigate to E-File > Income Tax Returns > File Income Tax Returns
  • Choose Assessment Year, Filing Type (Original/Revised/Updated/Belated), ITR Form
  • Upload ITR JSON 
  • Click on Submit & Confirm

Here's a complete read on filing your ITR using the JSON on the Income Tax Portal.