Salary is the remuneration paid by the employer to the employee for the services rendered for a certain period of time. It includes basic salary, perquisites, bonus, gratuity, and allowances.

There are three ways to add salary income on Quicko:

  1. Using Autofill Feature
  2. Uploading Form 16
  3. Manually

To add Salary using Autofill Feature:

  • Navigate to File > Incomes > Add Salary
  • Tap on Autofill > Continue
  • Select the method to connect with your ITD account > Continue
    • OTP on Aadhar Registered Mobile Number  
    • ITD Portal Credentials
  • Tap on authorize

On successful connection with the ITD, you will see the salary details on the next screen.

To add Salary using Form 16

  • Navigate to File > Incomes > Add Salary
  • Tap on Upload Form 16
  • Tap on Browse and upload Form 16 PDF

On the next screen, you will see salary details

Ensure that your Form 16 is:
1. In a PDF Format, not exceeding 6 MB
2. Both parts, A & B, should be generated from TRACES

To add Salary Manually

  • Navigate to File > Incomes > Add Salary
  • Scroll down, tap on Add Manually
  • Enter the Employer Details and Salary Breakdown

On the next screen, you will see salary details

1. The standard deduction is automatically added once all the details have been entered.

2. You can add multiple salary income by clicking on the '+' icon and selecting salary.