An income earned from buying and selling financial instruments such as shares, mutual funds, commodities, currency, bonds, debentures, etc shall be taxable under the Trading Income.

Our broker integration feature helps you to directly import Tax P&L from the respective broker. All you need to do is, authorize Quicko to fetch details using your broker account credentials.


You can import the following trading income on Quicko:

Steps to Import trades from securities

  • In the Filing tab, navigate to Incomes > Add Trading Income

  • Tap on Add under the stocks/MF/ETF

  • Select your broker from listed broker integrations

  • Tap on connect and enter the broker credentials to authorize Quiko to import trades

Steps to Import trades from Cryptocurrency

- Import from Coin Tracker

  • In the Filing tab, navigate to Incomes > Add Trading Income

  • Tap on Add under the Cryptocurrency > Proceed

  • Upgrade to Pro Plan

  • Upload the downloaded report (CSV file) from CoinTracker


- Steps to download the tax report from CoinTracker

  • Login to CoinTracker

  • Navigate to the Tax Centre

  • Download Quicko Tax CSV, under Tax Reports

1. For now, you will be able to import trades only from the brokers listed with us.
2. You can import trades from multiple brokers, once you have upgraded to our Pro Plan by following these same steps.
3. If you're importing from Groww, login with email sign in.
4. From Paytm Money, you will be able to import only Equity and FnO Transactions.