Tax Credits include various taxes paid by or on behalf of a taxpayer in a financial year, such as:

  • Advance Tax

  • Self - Assessment Tax


There are two ways to add Tax Credits to your Income Tax Return on Quicko

  1. Uploading Form 26AS

  2. Adding tax credits Manually

Uploading Form 26AS

Form 26AS is a consolidated Tax Credit Statement which provides the following details to a taxpayer.

  • Details of TDS from the taxpayer’s income.

  • Details of TCS from taxpayer’s payments.

  • Advance Taxes, Self Assessment Taxes and Regular Assessment Taxes paid by the taxpayers.

  • Details of the Income Tax Refunds & Interest received during the year.

  • Details of any high-value transactions (for eg. Shares, Mutual Funds, etc.).

  • Details of Tax Deducted on Sale of Immovable Property

To add tax credits using FORM 26AS

  • In Filing tab, navigate to TAX CREDITS from sidenav

  • Click on Have Form 26AS

  • Click on drop your Form 16 or Browse

  • Click on Save

Make sure that the Form 26AS is:
    1. In a PDF Format
    2. Of the relevant assessment year
    3. Of the same tax payer

To add tax credits Manually

In case you do not have Form 26AS, don't worry! You can still report your credits.

  • In Filing tab, navigate to TAX CREDITS from side nav

  • Scroll down to Add Tax credits detail manually

    • Enter the TDS details for the tax deducted on your behalf 

      1. Financial year

      2. Source of Income 

      3. TAN/PAN 

      4. Name of the Deductor, Credit &TDS Amount 

    • Enter the TCS details for the tax deducted on your behalf 

      1. Financial year

      2. TAN & Name of the collector

      3. Debit Amount & Tax Deposited Amount

    • Enter the details of the for Taxes Paid by You; self-assessment tax or advance tax

      1. BSR Code

      2. Challan Serial

      3. Date of payment & Tax Deposited Amount

You can add multiple tax credits by clicking on the ADD button