If your broker is not listed in our integrations, you can use the Quicko Template to import your trades.

To upload your Capital Gains using the Quicko Template

  • In the Filing tab, navigate to INCOMES > CAPITAL GAINS from the sidenav

  • Click on Import Investments

  • Navigate to Import using excel & click on Quicko Template

  • Download the Quicko Template 

  • Enter the details 

  • Click on Browse to upload the excel sheet on the same screen

    • Wait for about 30 seconds for the excel sheet to be uploaded

  • You will see your Capital Gains imported under the head 'Others' as well as Business Income imported (based on the trades entered). 

Required Information:

  • ISIN: Unique code assigned to a Share / MF / ETF

  • Trade description

  • Quantity: Number of units of share, mutual fund or ETF bought/sold during the year 

  • Purchase & Sale date

  • Buy & Sell Price

  • Symbol & Contract (For Futures & Options)

  • Transfer Expenses: Charges paid to broker like brokerage, STT, turnover fee, stamp duty etc. 

  • Type of Mutual Fund: Select the type of mutual fund from the dropdown - Equity, Debt, Commodity or Others

Note: Things to account for while importing excel & Quicko's template

1. Ensure that the ISIN Number consists of 12 digits
2. For any trade, the purchase date should be on or before 31/03/22 and sale date should be between 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022
3. If you have purchased shares, MF's or ETFs & held them till the end of the financial year, do not enter the details in the Quicko's template
4. If you have sold shares, MF's or ETFs during the financial year, enter the details in the respective tab in the Quicko's template
5. Enter details of only listed shares, MF's or ETFs on which STT is paid in the Quicko's template
6. Do not enter details of shares, MF's  or ETFs which were purchased before 01/04/2004 in the Quicko's template, since STT would not have been paid on them