Keep the following things in mind when importing trades using the Quicko template

1. Ensure that the ISIN Number consists of 12 digits. Here's how you can find ISIN Codes.

2. For any trade, the purchase date can be on or before 31/03/22, and the sale date should be between 01/04/2021 to 31/03/2022

3. If you have purchased shares, MFs, or ETFs & held them till the end of the financial year, do not enter the details in the Quicko's template

4. If you have sold shares, MFs, or ETFs during the financial year, enter the details in the respective tab in the Quicko's template

5. Enter details of only listed shares, MFs, or ETFs on which STT is paid in the Quicko's template

6. Do not enter details of shares, MFs, or ETFs which were purchased before 01/04/2004 in Quicko's template, since STT would not have been paid on them. 

Even after taking care of the above things if you're facing an issue importing your trades using the Quicko template, please raise a ticket with us and attach your excel file with it.