Conversions mean the number of signups. Transactions are when the affiliate user purchases any of Quicko’s offerings.

Complete the below-mentioned steps to fetch the details:-

  • Click on conversions under the navigation tab
  • Enter the mobile number or email address for the referral user to loo
  • Select the time period

The affiliate will get the details for that particular referral. 

Incase a user/followers signups up using an affiliate link, then it is shown under the affiliate’s conversions tab. It usually takes about 5-10 minutes to reflect on the dashboard.


In case, the user is still not being reflected, it may be due to any of the following reasons:-

  • The user might not have signed up on Quicko using the affiliate link. Read more about generating affiliate link
  • The user might already have an account on Quicko
  • Only the valid users will be taken into consideration, disposable mail id like temp mail, burner mail, fast mail, etc. will not be considered