Filing on Quicko is easy and convenient. The basic product is free for you & your family.

Once you have entered all your income details, eligible deductions, tax credits, and other ITR details, you can e-file your income tax return.

Steps to E-file your ITR on Quicko

  • In the filing tab, navigate to E-file
  • Tap on the Review and E-file 
  • If any information in your tax return is missing or incorrect, Quicko will help you rectify it before e-filing.
  • Now, tap on Get Ready to E-File > E-file

Then, you'll get a confirmation with a message on the screen that Your ITR Has Been E-Filed.

Here's how you can e-verify your return after successfully e-filing on Quicko. 

Check your ITR Status by entering your PAN & acknowlegment number.