Our import feature allows you to directly import trades from the various brokers integrated with us and automatically calculate the tax liability. 

However, since Sharekhan is not integrated with us, you will not be able to directly import your trades. So, you can use the Quicko template to import trades from a broker not integrated with us.

Steps to download Tax P&L from Sharekhan

  • Login to your Sharekhan Account
  • Search for script summary, select Equity - Script Summary 
  • From the script summary page, click on Excel sheet and download script summary

Once the tax p&l report is downloaded, you need to upload the same on Quicko

Steps to upload Tax P&L on Quicko

  • Navigate to Filing > INCOMES > CAPITAL GAINS from the side nav
  • From the options, select Import using Template
  • Now, click on Download to download the Quicko template
    • Enter the required details
    • Map your trades from your downloaded broker statement to the template       
  • Then, upload the Excel report on Quicko by clicking on Browse

Once the report is successfully uploaded, you can proceed to E-File your ITR

Here's a detailed article to Download Tax P&L report from Sharekhan

Imported trades will be seen under the tag of 'Others'